Our Experience

our experience


In addition to our specialist depreciation knowledge, our expertise is also found in the other services that we provide such as our expert witness consultancy, our construction estimate reports, valuations for development projects, council development applications, reports for financiers and insurance valuations.

Apart from being a quantity surveyor and registered tax agent, our director Michael Sturgess is also a licensed builder and is well able to assist in the identification of real cost benefits and savings that will increase your returns.

"Our expertise ensures the delivery of high-end professional reports to our clients"

In a practical way we work to assist both clients and related property disciplines on a daily basis. Our past services have been provided to a diverse range of client and industry groups including:-  


  • Property Investors

  • Accountants

  • Architects

  • Banks and Financiers

  • Barristers

  • Builders

  • Building Consultants

  • Building Owners

  • Councils

  • Courts and Tribunals

  • Developers



  • Draftsmen and Building Designers

  • Engineers

  • Environmental Scientists

  • Government and Infrastructure Projects

  • Heritage Architects

  • Insurers

  • Land Surveyors

  • Power Stations

  • Shipping and Freight Handling Facilities

  • Solicitors

  • Trade Contractors



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James and Samantha's rental gave them $11,000 in deductions per year.
ACP Quantity Surveyors are the Tax Depreciation Experts.

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