As part of our estimating service we are able to provide ‘Registered Quantity Surveyor’s Cost Reports’. These estimates are frequently being required by local government councils in NSW as part of the development application for new construction.

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The estimates are often referred to as ‘Section 94’ estimates as they are used by councils for the purpose of determining the value of fees and contributions that can be levied under Section 94 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979.

The format of Section 94 reports vary from council to council however, with the exception of a few councils who do not require a report in NSW, Councils will require that an AIQS registered quantity surveyor verify that they have:


  • Inspected the plans the subject of the application for development consent;
  • Prepared and attached an elemental estimate generally prepared in accordance with the Australian Cost Management Manuals from the Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors;
  • Calculated the development costs in accordance with the definition of development costs in clause 25J of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulations 2000 at current prices;
  • Included GST in the calculation of development cost
  • Measured Gross Floor Areas in accordance with the Method of Measurement of Building Areas in the AIQS Cost Management Manual Volume 1, Appendix A2.

At ACP Quantity Surveyors we understand that the preparation of an estimate for the council application is often the last thing that is required before your Development Application can be lodged. Accordingly, to ensure that our report meets with your critical path, we will finalise within 48 hours if necessary.