Preparing a report for a commercial property is similar in principle to the preparation of a residential report but with two critical differences:

1. Commercial buildings are generally unique and of a custom design. Accordingly, in order to maximise your claim it is imperative to select a quantity surveyor who has experience in estimating complex designs – valuing simple construction such as a house is one thing but valuing the construction cost of property worth millions of dollars requires a high level of expertise. In this respect we advise that our depreciation service is complimented by our ongoing provision of cost estimates and court-recognised expert opinions.

2. The ATO provides effective lives for commercial property based on a large number of industry groupings (e.g. manufacturing, mining, hospitality etc). It would be incorrect to apply residential rates to commercial properties – in our experience, not all our competitors are familiar with this.

Leased Premises (Fitout Works)

A lesser-known fact is that you do not have to own the building in order to claim for a capital works and depreciation deduction. If you are leasing non-residential premises and you provide ‘fit-out’ works (eg. to an office a restaurant or a shop), you can claim a deduction against the value of this work – in the instance that you have known costs the ATO will require that these costs be advised.

Additionally, a depreciation report may be required by the property owner so they claim back the value of their contribution (‘Landlord’s Contribution’) to the fit-out works.

Our Expertise

Over the years, ACP Quantity Surveyors have prepared capital works and depreciation reports for the following commercial properties:

  • Hotels, motels & pubs
  • Warehouses and industrial buildings
  • Offices
  • Petrol stations
  • Shopping centres
  • Restaurants

Commercial Depreciation Quotes

Should you require a Commercial Depreciation report, please contact us directly for an obligation free quotation by calling 1300 550 311.

Careful Calculation

Don’t underestimate the value of a commercial depreciation report.

In some cases, it can make the difference between a successful investment strategy and a loss-making situation instead.

Therefore, you should always engage the services of the professionals. ACP will be delighted to discuss your needs and help you to create your commercial depreciation report.

Why Choose ACP

  • Reports last for 40 years

  • The best report in the industry

  • Trusted by accountants

  • Money back guarantee

We recommend that the Quantity Surveyor confirm that they are current members of the Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors (AIQS) and are registered members of the Tax Practitioners Board (TPB).