The provision of project auditing and risk analysis services to Financial Institutions is one of the core skills upon which our practice was founded.

ACP Quantity Surveyors provides reports to identify all the key risks associated with your development including a review of project costs, documentation and project cash flow as well as an update of forecast variation costs.

Our reports can be used by any owner, developer or financial institution that has an interest in minimizing project risk.


Construction Budget Reports

In order to confirm the adequacy of a development budget we can prepare a Construction Budget Report that outlines key risk aspects of the project including:


  • An independent estimate of construction costs
  • Review of council and statutory approvals
  • Review of the currency of project insurances
  • Independent assessment of the anticipated construction period
  • Review of the building agreement
  • Review of the adequacy of project documentation
  • Analysis of the project cashflow
  • Investigation of the currency of the builder’s licence
Business Reporting

Progress Valuation Reports

During the construction stage of the development we monitor the progress of the work on site and prepare a Progress Valuation Report advising our clients of updates relating to the following critical issues:


  • Cost to Complete the project
  • Forecast Variation costs
  • Actual progress of the works
  • Progress Payment Recommendations