Let ACP maximise your property depreciation claim and get the best deductions for you.


Residential Property Investors

Benefits of Residential Depreciation

Most of our clients are residential property investors so over the years we have become very good at assisting private investors in obtaining the best possible tax deductions for their properties. ‘Depreciation’ eases your cash flow burden and has been one of the best kept secrets in property investment.

A residential tax depreciation report prepared by ACP Quantity Surveyors will typically find our clients a first year tax deduction between $2,000 and $15,000 – depending on the date of purchase and the age of the building. In the past we’ve found that many clients haven’t claimed depreciation because they either didn’t think they could, they hadn’t been told of the possible benefits or that it seemed too hard.

As any number of our past clients will confirm, depreciation claims remain available to the residential property investor, the benefits remain great and we will make the whole process easy – from the initial quote, to the final report to claiming your deductions. Our reports are up to 20% cheaper than our competitors and 20% better! We guarantee to find you three times our fee in the first full year of claim – or your money back.


Commercial Property Owners and Tenants

Commercial properties are often unique with ATO rates/ effective lives varying between industry groups – add to this the fact that not all quantity surveyors have the necessary expertise required to estimate commercial buildings.

Step in our experienced team! Apart from being depreciation specialists, we are recognised as expert witnesses by the Court and would like to utilise our skills to maximise your ATO compliant depreciation claim.

Over the years ACP Quantity Surveyors have prepared capital works and depreciation reports for a wide variety of commercial properties and tenancy fitout works.

For a full range of past commercial projects see ‘Commercial Depreciation’.


Real Estate Agents & Property Managers

Sales Agents

We’re here to assist you by showing intending purchasers how they can better afford their new property using the cash positive benefits of tax depreciation. Let us help you make the difference on all eligible properties – both new and old.

For a free estimate of potential claims for any pending property sale contact us now.

Property Managers

Over the years we’re appreciated the assistance you have given us in arranging property inspections for our mutual clients. We understand your commitment to customer service and simply ask that if we can help reduce the mortgage stress of any of your clients that you will think of us and our cash positive depreciation reports.



We appreciate that you need a report that clearly and accurately covers all key items of plant and equipment together with an accurate estimate of capital works allowances.

Over half of our reports are received from accountant and client referrals – since we commenced business in 2000 we have never had an audit situation that could not be fully supported- needless to say we are thoroughly on top recent legislative changes.

So with a great track record of delivering customer satisfaction and with a fee structure some 20% lower than the other guys and reports that are 20% better, we respectfully ask that you consider ACP Quantity Surveyors for your next depreciation report.

We invite you read our testimonial section to see what other accountants say about us.


A depreciation report prepared by ACP Quantity Surveyors is a great way to help leverage sales for both completed and off the plan property sales. We can prepare an ‘indicative’ master schedule for your development at minimal cost together with individual schedules based on a number of ‘Typical’ units. Let our figures ease your buyer’s cash flow and demonstrate affordability.