ACP Quantity Surveyors can prepare Insurance Replacement Valuations that ensure that the sum a building is insured for is adequate at all times to replace the building. 

Our Replacement Property Valuations offer our clients “peace of mind”.

ACP Replacement Property Valuations

Replacement insurance valuations for buildings and their contents require a high level understanding of construction processes and costs.

Quantity Surveyors are universally recognised as the professional’s best qualified to estimate construction costs.

All valuations are undertaken by our experienced registered Quantity Surveyors who ensure your valuations are accurate and comprehensive and take into consideration all factors such as finishes, type of construction and materials, services, landscaping and external works.

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Each assessment we prepare includes for a number of key items of cost, including:

  • The replacement construction cost estimate of the building based at current market rates and conforming to statutory changes implemented since the original date of construction.
  • Demolition costs.
  • Due allowance for cost escalation.
  • Professional fees.
  • An assessment of re-construction times.