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Expert Witness & Dispute Resolution

The role of the expert witness is a role that is not suited to everyone and requires not only a high degree of technical expertise, but also a familiarity with the various codes of conduct and the ability to effectively present evidence to the relevant Court/ Tribunal.

Understandably, obtaining the right expert is of critical importance.

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Insurance Valuations

Replacement insurance valuations for buildings and their contents require a high level understanding of construction processes and costs.

Quantity Surveyors are universally recognised as the professional’s best qualified to estimate construction costs.

All valuations are undertaken by our experienced registered Quantity Surveyors who ensure your valuations are accurate and comprehensive and take into consideration all factors such as finishes, type of construction and materials, services, landscaping and external works.

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Project Auditing & Risk Analysis

ACP Quantity Surveyors provides reports to identify all the key risks associated with your development including a review of project costs, documentation and project cash flow as well as an update of forecast variation costs.

Our reports can be used by any owner, developer or financial institution that has an interest in minimizing project risk.

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Council DA Estimates

As part of our estimating service we are able to provide ‘Registered Quantity Surveyor’s Cost Reports’. These estimates are frequently being required by local government councils in NSW as part of the development application for new construction.

The estimates are often referred to as ‘Section 94’ estimates as they are used by councils for the purpose of determining the value of fees and contributions that can be levied under Section 94 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979.

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Construction Estimates

As specialists in construction estimating we offer accurate costings during all stages of the design and construct process.

Our qualified team have years of quantity surveying experience in the construction industry and are truly construction cost professionals.

As with any investment process it is of fundamental importance to gain the best estimate of your base cost in order to identify your true exposure to the market.

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Quantity Surveying

The term quantity surveyor derives from the role taken in quantifying the various items of labour and material that it takes to construct a given project.

Quantity surveyors use their skills to determine the cost of building work ranging from residential properties through to assessing the construction value of new multi-million dollar office towers. Additionally they are used on civil, mining and infrastructure projects to determine the cost of such facilities.

Quantity Surveyors are involved at various stages of the construction process, typically prior to construction, during construction and following completion of the works.

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