Professional Tax Depreciation Reports

ACP Quantity Surveyors offer the smartest and most cost effective Tax Depreciation Service in Australia. Contact us now for savings on your Tax Depreciation Reports.

Construction Estimates

Our qualified team have years of quantity surveying experience in the construction industry and are truly construction cost professionals.

Council DA Estimates

The estimates are often referred to as 'Section 94' estimates as they are used by councils for the purpose of determining the value of fees...

Project Auditing and Risk Analysis

ACP Quantity Surveyors provides reports to identify all the key risks associated with your development including a review of project costs...

Insurance Valuations

Replacement insurance valuations for buildings and their contents require a high level understanding of construction processes and costs.

Expert Witness and Dispute Resolution

The role of the expert witness is a role that is not suited to everyone and requires not only a high degree of technical expertise, but also...

What is a Quantity Surveyor?

In America the quantity surveyor is known as a “Cost Engineer”. The term quantity surveyor derives from the role taken in quantifying the various...